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 The South To North Africa Partnership (S2NAP) is a MANI initiative falling within the call for the church in Africa to GO NORTH!

 S2NAP will be hosting a 2-day consultation on 2-3rd July 2019; if you are interested in North Africa please plan to attend this consultation.

The consultation is jointly facilitated by SACC. Click the links below to read more information or to register for this event.

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Running with horses is an International Missions Conference hosted by the World Mission Centre (WMC).

The conference has 4 main focuses, including:

  • What God is doing around the world
  • The remaining task of the unreached
  • Mobilizing local churches to the task of world evangelisation
  • Releasing the next generation

The conference will be in Pretoria from 23-25 July 2019. Please plan to be there and invite other church leaders to attend!

For further details and to register please click the button below:

More than 20 organisations attended this consultation; the outcomes from the small group discussions (> 50 ideas!) were very encouraging. Here is an attempt to summarise these ideas / suggestions just to give an idea of the scope:

  • Strengthen the relationship with the local church – be a catalyst in envisioning, equipping and resourcing the church to be a greater force in missions
  • Understand the times we are in – we are facing many changes but these also present opportunities to reach the lost – from migrants, youth challenges, possibilities with international students, new types of missionaries (vocational etc.)
  • Collaboration – work smarter, work together, share tools & resources
  • Prayer – the foundation for all our efforts – intentional, focussed prayer, see our LEARN tab at the top.

There was also a call for organisations, ministries etc. to connect more regularly around topics / issues. This is the very heart of WENSA – conversation + consultation = greater collaboration! We encourage you to make use of our BLOG (link found at the bottom) to share ideas & innovations which will help us to discern where the needs are and so facilitate focussed-group conversations.

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